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Teresa’s Teaching Methodology

Teresa has had the good fortune of working with a number of different teaching methodologies based on well known language programs, such as Inlingua, Berlitz, Ecole Bilingue, and the Piedmont Language School. She has also been privileged to work with students of all ages. She taught young kids in a classroom setting for years at the Piedmont Language School. For the past 10+ years, Teresa has been tailoring her own teaching methodology to meet the unique needs of her students.  For younger children three to eight years old, Teresa often uses a small group setting and fully immersive classes (very little English is spoken for the entire one-hour teaching session). Teresa uses a blend of culturally-based music, videos, art projects, games, and stories to create the most fun and engaging language instruction experience possible for kids. For high school students, Teresa guides these students through their specific curriculum with a particular emphasis on grammar and vocabulary. Teresa uses a similar methodology for adults; Teresa custom tailors a lesson plan based on each individual’s specific needs. Teresa’s main goal is for her students to grow to love languages and build an appreciation for other cultures.

Private language instruction: $120.00/hour

Semi-private language instruction:

2 students - $85/hour per person

3 students - $75/hour per person

4 students - $65/hour per person

5 students - $55/hour per person

Translation: $0.22 per word

Proofreading: $120.00/hour

Interpretation: medical/legal $120.00/hour (legal 2-hour minimum)


Teresa Garcia-barker 

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