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My first contact with Teresa was “remote” when she tutored my daughter in AP Spanish while in high school. Wanting to fine tune my Spanish which I had recently begun studying in Adult School for my work as a physician, I thought why not contact my daughter’s tutor? Now in the middle of my 14th Spanish novel several years later, I continue to enthusiastically study with Teresa having achieved beyond level 4 grammar (not bad for an adult learner) and competence in Medical Spanish. In anticipation of my travels to France and then Italy, Teresa was able to quickly switch gears to jumpstart me in Italian and hone my French. She makes learning so much fun that even those who hate studying foreign language (I’m not one of them) will achieve and have fun while working with Teresa. Hate grammar? Believe me, you'll truly love it when you study with Teresa!"

- Linda Dubin

Teresa is kind, warm, bubbly, and incredibly knowledgeable. She understands and can explain languages inside and out (Spanish or French, in my case.) If I were ever confused by something or in a bad mood at the beginning of class with Teresa, by the end I would be laughing and smiling and have whatever concept totally within my grasp. She is a wonderful teacher and person!"

- Emma Breber

Teresa is a fabulous Spanish tutor. What I love about her is that she keeps pushing me to go beyond what I think I can understand or say. In no time at all Teresa had me speaking and reading well past the beginner levels. I have learned a ton very quickly. Teresa is a terrific instructor, very clear in her explanations and I always have a great time during our session. Lots of laughing. That's been important to me. It's hard enough to learn a new language but Teresa has made it great fun and thoroughly enjoyable."

- Rene Durazzo

I studied French off and on over many years--first in high school, then at U.C. Berkeley, and later at the Alliance Francaise. It wasn’t until I studied with Teresa, however, that the language “clicked” into place for me. She has a truly magical knack for making conversations so fun and interesting that I wanted desperately to express my own thoughts, and I learned French almost as a by-product! And I will never forget the afternoon that I sat in Teresa’s office after studying with her for about five months. She was speaking to me in French and suddenly the words just flowed directly into my mind--no translating into English first, no effort of concentration--it was as if this language was my own at last. Teresa--I cannot thank you enough for such a gift! 

- Patty Leitner

"I've been fortunate to work with Teresa for two years for an adult advanced Spanish class.  She is the best foreign language teacher I've ever had.  A lively and passionate teacher, Teresa has the capacity to explain complex material in simple and understandable terms.  My language skills have improved tremendously.  Teresa is a fabulous Spanish tutor. What I love about her is that she keeps pushing me to go beyond what I think I can understand or say. In no time at all Teresa had me speaking and reading well past the beginner levels. I have learned a ton very quickly!"

- Clare Trimbur

“I have been working with Teresa for almost two years and have seen great progress in my conversational Spanish as well as reading comprehension.  I also have so much fun (yes, I said fun) working on grammar with her because she adores grammar and makes it so easy to understand.  When I first met Teresa, she quickly identified my weak points and continues to pull from her vast library of materials in order to help strengthen those weaknesses.  My hour with this creative, energetic, inspiring woman is one of the high points of my week.”

- Priscilla Call Essert

“I have been studying both Italian and French with Teresa over the past four years, and have enjoyed every class with her. After taking years of French growing up and in college, I found it refreshing and helpful to have lessons that focused on “real life” conversational French, instead of narrowing the scope to a textbook. As an adult, my goal is to be able to talk with people while I travel abroad, and the lessons with Teresa definitely make that possible. Her positive manner both encourage and make learning another language even more enjoyable and her ability to switch the language she is speaking “on the fly” inspires and demonstrates her linguistic expertise. I am grateful to her for reigniting my joy in learning languages!”

- Alissa Small

“Teresa completely changed my view on Spanish! I used to dread class and now I feel comfortable raising my hand whenever I want! Teresa's personality is infectious. She always has a big smile on her face and is enthusiastic. I love having Teresa as my tutor, she's truly the BEST!”

- Lauren Alexander

“Teresa is absolutely amazing. I used to dread Spanish class, but since I have started seeing Teresa, it has become much more bearable. Teresa is not only my tutor, but also a friend who brightens my day and genuinely cares about me. Teresa’s tutoring abilities are incredible and my grades and comprehension in Spanish class have increased tremendously since I started seeing her.”

- Jessica Roach 

“I have taken Italian lessons with Teresa for the last 4 years and have never had more fun while learning a foreign language.  Teresa is very professional and committed to making sure you understand all aspects of the language while also keeping you engaged and entertained!  I look forward to every lesson!”  

- Betsy Lalli

“Teresa has not only helped me receive high grades in Spanish class for the last six semesters, but also helped me build a stronger understanding of the language and a more practical use for it. Our weekly lessons are fast paced, fun, and incredibly helpful because they are designed to help me as an individual.”

- Nate Glazier

“I've been going to Teresa for 4 years for Spanish tutoring.  When I started going to her I had a 70% in Spanish class and within a month my grade had gone up to an 85%. She not only teaches you the material but she also gives you worksheets to practice the lesson and to better your understanding on the topic. She uses a variety of workbooks to give you a broad spectrum of Spanish. Not only has Teresa made me a better Spanish speaker, she has helped me to enjoy Spanish in a whole new way.

- Galen Kent

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